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Plan & Go

You have your goals, aims and dreams.
Our team works with you to refine these into targets.
You and our team analyse the best methods and structures for you.
Our team creates a 6 Month Plan to achieve these targets.
Again we refine the Training Plan with you.
A custom Plan is created for you.

Plan & Go: Packages & Rates

Plan & Go is a 6 Month Training Plan, designed by our team and created personally for you. A daily schedule to follow. Also with your own guidance pages to follow to help you manage your own training. If you feel confident to complete your training and know your goals from winning a particular race to getting the local Strava KOM then this is a great package for you.

The plan is a daily schedule for a full 6 months. You will have for each day the specific plan, including duration, efforts, tips and guidance. A Nutrition plan can also be added to further improve your performance.

You will receive the training in full so can plan ahead to work with your other commitments. Two reviews are available with your coach after two and four months. These can help adjust or refine your plan.


Plan & Go: Text
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