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Optimum Performance

Our top Level Package

Daily Training Schedule

Complete daily analysis

Daily Feedback

Nutrition Planning & Advice

Unlimited contact with Coach

Our Optimum Performance Package is a full professional level of training and support.
A daily training schedule constantly adapted and updated, with unlimited feedback, daily analysis and communication with the coach. This Package delivers the professional level by tailoring each session for you and developing together to help you achieve your maximum results. 

On becoming one of our Athletes we will work with you to understand you as an athlete and where you goals lie. Then experience the professional level of coaching with daily plans and analysis which enable you to get the most out of your training. We understand peoples ambitions will vary widely along with their lifestyles, so this package is designed to provide the maximum support whatever your level or goals.

The training package includes Training Peaks, bike fitting, performance testing, nutrition advice and working with a qualified PT. A key part for effective training is communication with your coach, and with this Package you have unlimited contact with the coach so can feedback and adjustments can be made constantly.

If you plan to race or have specific targets, tactical and technical advice is also included. For example if there is a Time Trial or Triathlon event you are preparing for then pacing strategies can be implemented with our help which can be an easy but crucial gain in performance. 

£750 pcm

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