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Why Performance by Dibben?

Perform. by The Dibbens is run by former World Champion Jon Dibben and Ex Professional Cyclist Abby Mae Parkinson

A decade working with the best

Throughout our careers we had the opportunity to work with some of the best teams in the sport, such as Team Sky, Lotto Soudal and British Cycling. In these organisations we worked with the the highest level of performance individuals and coaches. This experience and knowledge gathered over the last 10 years now enables us to deliver the highest levels of coaching, personal training and support to you.

From Beginner to World Champ

I started cycling at an early age and progressed up the levels of the sport. From racing my brother around on our mountain bikes to winning Gold at the 2016 World Championships. In cycling as in all sports the road to success is a tough track up a mountain rather than a spin down the canal path. I was aided by many great people along the way, and learned the difficulties and challenges but also the methods and science to progress as an athlete. - JON

Progressing your Performance

Individual goals and aims may differ greatly. Are you a young cyclist hoping to improve and progress? Or are you looking to get the most out of your training with professional guidance and coaching? Or are you a rider looking to become a professional? Or do you want to go after that local 10, or Strava KOM/QOM?
At Perform. by The Dibbens we work with you to understand your current level and goals and provide the coaching that is right for you whatever your goals and ambitions are.

Complete support

The actual training on the bike or in the gym is a major part of performance, but still a part of the complete package needed to maximise performance. We will work with you on all aspects of performance including guidance on the key areas of nutrition and recovery. Training is far more simple as a full time athlete but many structures used by full time professionals can be implemented to any athlete with work or other commitments. We work with you to ensure the maximum results are gained.


Develop yourself with Perform. by The Dibbens

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